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I'm Michael Kevorkian, the President and Managing Broker of New Market Realty Inc. It is my goal to make sure we do our absolute best to provide expert real estate services to our sellers, buyers and investors alike. Thank You for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Michael Kevorkian, President
 Our Mission Is To Help You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals
Whatever your real estate goals may be.... Selling your property fast so you can move on, Buying that property you have been trying to get your hands on or Investing in real estate like you always wanted to. Whatever the situation, whatever problems you may have had in the past, rest assured we can turn your dreams into real, tangible results in no time!
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What if... You could buy a property with No Money Down? What if... There was actually a very easy-to-get government program that actually encouraged buyers to purchase property WITHOUT a down payment? Interested?
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If passive cash-flow investments are your game then you'll love this! Here is the Step-by-Step Blueprint for buying rentals with No Money Down that cash flow like crazy! Imagine what your life would look like if all you had to do was go to your mailbox to get your paycheck every month.
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If you're tired of making your landlord rich then this is one paper you need to get your hands on! This simple, 11 step document shows you exactly how to STOP PAYING RENT and start building equity even if you think you can't buy a property using conventional financing.
Make Money Flipping Houses
Most people have no idea how to make money as a house flipper. What if everything you needed to do.... was actually all DONE-FOR-YOU in a systematic process and that virtually guaranteed you could not lose money? Would you be interested in something like that? Click here to watch a quick video and download the blueprint.
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